A Menu to End Hunger in the UK

A coordinated governmental strategy to tackle household food insecurity

  1. A dedicated minister to mobilise action on household food security in coordination with devolved governments
  2. An annual government-led measurement, and ongoing monitoring of household food insecurity, across the UK

Giving children the best start in life by avoiding the damaging impact of food insecurity on health, attainment and opportunity

  1. A commitment to increase the voucher value and uptake of the UK’s Healthy Start Scheme
  2. A commitment to safeguarding child nutrition, every day of the year

Ensuring everyone is able to afford good food on a regular basis through an appropriate combination of decent work and social security payments

  1. A commitment to reduce the unjust Poverty Premium for people on low incomes
  2. A commitment to incentivise employers to pay the ‘real’ Living Wage and to provide decent work
  3. A commitment to make sure welfare reform does not leave people hungry
  4. A review of sanctions to ensure that they do not cause undue harm or destitution
  5. A commitment to ensuring that there is effective financial assistance in times of crisis

Click here to download the Menu to End Hunger in the UK, with more detail on all the items.