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A recipe for achieving food security for all

January 13, 2017

cropped-Profile-logo-2.jpgOur vision is of a UK in which everyone has access to good food and no one need go to bed hungry.

  • Children are given the best start in life by avoiding the damaging impact of hunger on their health, attainment and opportunity.
  • People are able to afford good food on a regular basis through an appropriate combination of work and benefits.
  • No one needs to go hungry, because there is a support system that protects us in times of crisis.

These are the foundations of a truly compassionate society. If civil society, business and Government all pull together there is no reason why we cannot achieve this goal. By working together we can end UK hunger.

A coordinated Governmental strategy to tackle food insecurity and hunger

  • One: A dedicated minister to mobilise action across government departments.
  • Two: A commitment to measuring the scale of the problem

Giving children the best start in life by avoiding the damaging impact of hunger on health, attainment and opportunity

  • Three: A commitment to increase the voucher value and uptake of the UK’s Healthy Start Programme
  • Four: A commitment to protect and improve child nutrition 365 days of the year

Ensuring everyone is able to afford good food on a regular basis

  • Five: A commitment to take action to reduce the Poverty Premium in relation to food, finance, fuel, furniture and white goods for people on low incomes.
  • Six: A commitment to incentivise employers to pay the ‘real’ Living Wage and to ensure that the roll-out of Universal Credit genuinely makes work pay.

Making sure people don’t go hungry for whatever reason by ensuring there’s appropriate support in place

  • Seven: A commitment to restore the safety net principle as a key objective for Government welfare policy
  • Eight: A commitment to review the policy on benefit sanctions to ensure that it is proportionate and does not cause undue harm or destitution to those affected.
  • Nine: A commitment to ensuring that Local Welfare Assistance Schemes reinstate the provision of effective financial assistance in times of crisis.
  • Ten: That the food waste hierarchy is followed to ensure that surplus food is made available to feed people first


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