Fix Universal Credit to Prevent More People Going Hungry

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Fix Universal Credit

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End Hunger UK is built on a vision of a society where everyone has access to good food, and no one has to go to bed hungry. We call on Government to fix Universal Credit to prevent more people going hungry.

We all rely on the welfare safety net being there for us in times of financial stress or hardship. But Universal Credit is currently failing in that task. In areas where it has been rolled out, foodbanks and other food aid providers report a surge in the numbers of people pushed into greater debt, destitution and hunger as a result of delays, errors, a lack of flexibility, and inadequate support.

As a matter of urgency, End Hunger UK is calling on the Government to:

  • Reinvest at least £2 billion into the Universal Credit system in the 2018 autumn Budget.
  • Take action to improve the flexibility and support for people on Universal Credit.
  • Make improvements to Universal Credit, to ensure it does not leave more people at risk of debt and destitution.
  • Make a long-term commitment to ensure Universal Credit provides people with enough income to afford good food on a regular basis.

Our petition is designed to send a powerful message to the Prime Minister. We will deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street on 7 November. By then, we hope that many of the, literally, thousands of people who each week use, volunteer or donate to food banks and other food projects across the UK will have signed the petition.

More immediately, you could write to your MP before the Budget on 29 October, and ask them to support action to Fix Universal Credit too.

Click the links below to find out more and take action.

Click here to download the petition to Fix Universal Credit  Read our report about how to fix Universal Credit