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The latest updates from the #EndHungerUK team

Asking the government to listen from an inner city foodbank

November 24, 2017

Tara Osman was until recently was manager of the North Paddington Foodbank, she has recently co-written and directed the play ‘Foodbank As It Is’ which seeks to raise awareness of foodbank use. She has written about the realities of running a foodbank in the inner city and why she believes the government should be doing more to find out the nature of food insecurity.


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The story of volunteers filling the holiday hunger gap

November 13, 2017

UK food poverty has reached unprecedented levels and volunteers have played a role in filling the gap.  Stephanie Denning, a PhD researcher at the University of Bristol, is working to understand what drives volunteers.


2017 conference review

October 24, 2017

THE End Hunger UK campaign took a big leap forward on 17 October, when activists and experts gathered to share stories, ideas and expertise. End Hunger UK Press Officer Gavin Aitchison writes about what happened on the day.


End Hunger UK: building a movement

October 24, 2017

End Hunger UK Campaign Manager Josh Fenton-Glynn writes about the next steps in the End Hunger Campaign.

Following the End Hunger UK conference, we want to continue to build the End Hunger movement across the country.  Together we can build a campaign that will result in policy action to tackle hunger. Here is what you can do.


Holiday hunger in London: the numbers and the response

September 15, 2017

In London the Mayor’s Fund set up a Kitchen Social project to help feed children entitled to free school meals over the summer. Kim Chaplain the director writes for End Hunger on why their experiences this summer show the extent of the problem and the need for government action on holiday food provision.  (more…)

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